10 Jahre 36 mètres-carrés !

Heute vor 10 (!!) Jahren habe ich hier meinen ersten Beitrag gepostest. Wie die Zeit vergeht. Kaum zu fassen. Aber es gibt ihn noch, diesen Blog. Nicht mehr auf Französisch / Englisch, jetzt wird er auf meiner Muttersprache Deutsch weitergeführt.

Und wie ihr seht, bin ich auch im Moment dabei hier ein bißchen rumzubasteln.
Neues wird hier bald erscheinen und angeboten, ihr könnt gespannt sein ! Nur schon so viel: es wird weiterhin mit Wohnen zu tun haben (siehe die Seite “Raum & Plus” ).

Happy 10th Birthday “36 mètres-carrés” !!

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Berlin Flat: Decoration News !

As i already said in my last post, i was busy last year. But that didn’t stop me to change the decoration in my apartment.
I was longing for a cozy addition in my living room, something like…a fireplace! In my house we are not allowed to install real fireplaces so the only option was a faux-mantle. After some measuring and research on the internet i ordered one and am more than happy with the look.
To create a cozy ambiance in the evening i have placed many candles inside. I love it !
I received it shortly before the X-mas holidays, so here it is in it’s Year-End glory:
Faux mantle Faux mantle goes x-mas

And here it is decorated adequately for spring…
My quiet place Faux mantle in spring mood

You can find many different types of faux mantles on the internet, in different colors, heights, widths…an easy ( and removable ) change for an apartment or house. I have fixed mine against the wall, because you know…cats! You never know what they might be up to.
The only thing still missing is a nice rug ( or faux fur ) in front of it, but as i always have a hard time finding something nice ( and affordable ) this will be added later on.

How do you like it? Have you been dreaming about a fireplace, too ?

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Hi there,
it has been (again ) very silent over here. I just realized that my last post was from september 2014!
The last year was busy in a good way, lots of work, many social events, going out with friends, enjoying life.
Last year i also started my journey to live more conscious and healthier. Deeply inspired by Karine from Bodie and Fou.
So i started in january to drink first thing in the morning a glass of lukewarm water with a freshly squeezed lemon. And i got more serious about working out more frequently. And having a green smoothie every day.
It went fine until early march when i had an emergency surgery. My appendix was removed. After that i didn’t feel like doing any sport for about 6 weeks, but i got on the wagon again. Kind of. Not so regularly as before, but i took my bike to go to work every day, did some SUP during summer, some running…I spent some vacation days with my cousin who challenged me to participate at a 10K run in summer 2016. I accepted. It is always good and motivating to a goal!
Fast forward to october when i subscribed to a membership at a gym nearby as the gym at work is small and the only treadmill was mostly occupied.
Since then i have been working out twice a week. And i did my first run on january 1st (yes!!). It was a casual run of 4K, with about 3000 participants. All ages, from babies in strollers to seniors. I did it ! And felt so proud that i managed it in a, for me, quite good time.
I continue to work out twice a week and am gradually running longer distances. Recently i hit the 5K mark.
For more motivation i am subscribed for two runs this summer. The first one will be 5K, the second will be 8K.

I also continue to switch my eating habits, less sugar and more healthy (vegan and vegetarian ) food. I’ve never been a big meat-eater, so this suits me quite well.
So in the future, i guess the focus of my little blog might change a little, evolving more to posts about healthy living and eating and well-being.
Stay tuned !

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My Week / 18.-24.08.2014

My Week / 18.-24.08.2014

This week:
– a sweet farewell gift
– a day off and feeling very balanced and happy
– cuddly time with Coco
– enjoying breakfast at home

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My Week / 11.-17.08.2014


This week:
– nights are getting cooler
– girls afternoon at home
– waiting for the metro to go meet my sister
– city tour by boat

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My Week / 04.-10.08.2014


This week involved:
– going back to work after a two week’s vacation
– visiting my mother at the care unit
– some sewing ( not easy with my little “helper” )
– finishing to empty and superficially cleaning the apartment in Hamburg ( Yeah! ).

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My Week / 28.07.-03.08.2014


As i started playing around with Instagram and related Apps i thought i’ll summarize my weeks in photo collages. A little different from the two 365 projects i have done so far.

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Berlin Flat: Office / Guest Room

It has been now been a little over two years since i moved into my apartment. And i think i never shared the “after” of the office/guestroom. As a reminder, here is what it looked before:
March 10th 2012: The office
March 10th 2012: the office
It has come a long way since then. Some phases i did not really take pictures of, but i purchased in the beginning three of these Muji-tables because i love their clean and simple look. One was sold in the meantime ( the size was smaller than the two i kept ). There have been some Expedits, also sold meanwhile.
Today my office features a large working space ( 120 x 120 cm ) by putting both tables together into a square. It is nice as i have enough space to do crafts like sewing on one side and computer / admin-related stuff on the other. The sewing side still needs a stool, which i still need to purchase though.
In exchange of the Expedit unit i had before, i “hacked” some IKEA kitchen wallcabinets into a sideboard ( approx. 40 cm deep ), using two 60 cm units and a 40 cm unit and some chrome feet. On top i will put a wooden board eventually to cover the visible screws.
As my bedroom this room also has a convenient nook which houses a sofa which can be transformed to a guest bed for two. When no guests are there, it doesn’t take too much room as it fits perfectly into the nook.
Guestbed / Library corner
When i moved from Switzerland to Berlin i donated a lot of my books, those you know you only read once. Part of the books i kept are now on wall mounted shelves above the sofa.
In my office i also feature some of my vintage items such as the JVC TV from the early seventies, old telephones, Grandpa’s typewriter and his old desk lamp.
Grandpa's typewriter
View from my desk

And i like to surround my self with wise quotes and inspirational song texts which i fix on the wall below the window with washi tape.
View from desk

How do you like it ?

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Berlin Culture: David Bowie @ Martin Gropius Bau

Not missing this #David Bowie

People close to me know: I’m a huge Davis Bowie fan since i was thirteen. I was introduced to his fabulous music during a ski-trip with my school, when one of us played “Starman” on his guitar in the cabin where we were staying. It was the year when radio stations played “Let’s dance” and “China Girl” up and down.
Since then i’ve always loved his music, especially the albums from 1969 to 1978/79, which are just awesome. I actually wanted to marry him, ha !

I was thrilled to discover that an exhibition about the artist is shown at the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin, initially until august 10th, but now until august 24th.
And i should not miss this one !
So on tuesday i went, and did not have to queue up, as i had purchased an online ticket with an time slot to enter.

I dove for three hours into his history, career, music, artistic universe, with an audio guide on full volume to savor the music. And looked at the stage costumes ( gosh, what a slender guy !), understand what has driven him and still does. I forgot time and surroundings. It was awesome and well curated by the Victoria and Albert Museum of London.

If you happen to be in Berlin before august 24th, go and visit the exhibition. I recommend buying the ticket online in order to avoid queuing up and waiting to get in.

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Years after…

Years after

As my mother is not able anymore to live on her own, We are currently emptying out her apartment, where she used to live since 1986. This is what the all in my sister’s old room looks like, after all these years.

Since beginning of June we ( my sister, her partner and me ) have been sorting through the apartment every saturday. Which implied traveling early in the morning to Hamburg, then work the whole day there, and traveling back in the evening in order to have at least one day a week of relaxing at home. This saturday we have mainly finished the sorting and packing up. We are exhausted. Going through a whole life of stuff is physically and emotionally difficult, a lot of memories came up, stuff we had long forgotten about which were part of our daily lives during our childhood.
But now it is done, just need to transport the things we keep to Berlin and put them in storage.

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