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Neue Räume - Eternit4

Eternit (Schweiz) AG is mostly known for its planter collection, which you can find about anywhere in Switzerland in public places as well as on balconies. Eternit is in fact a construction material, to be more excat it can be described as fibre-cement, made of cement, lime-stone, fibre, air and water.
At “Neue Räume”, Eternit presented less known though astonishing designs, such as the “Strandstuhl” which was designed in 1954 already by Willy Guhl. This chair has been re-edited in 1997.

Neue Räume - Eternit

In 1951 Anton Bee and Willy Guhl created “Spindel”, to be seen in above picture in the front. It is one of the planters which made Eternits reputation.

Neue Räume - Eternit3

Eternit AG has always asked designers to create new designs, either for the planter collection or other garden accessories. After the asbestos crisis, the composition has been reworked and since 25 years Eternit products are asbestos free. But the image had suffered serious damage at that time.
The past years, Eternit AG has also worked with various design schools. The bird houses have been designed in 2006/2007 by Vladimir Jaccard from ECAL. I think they are lovely, and would love to have one pending in a tree if i had a garden…

Neue Räume- Eternit2

Also above “Mold Lamp” was designed by a ECAL student, Michel Charlot. The lamp walls are not thicker than handmade paper. This would fit perfectly in a loft or industrial-inspired working / living environment !

In my opinion, the Eternit (Schweiz) AG booth was one of the most surprising at the exposition, showing how to use an industrial construction material for different purposes. Not to forget that each piece is hand-made in Switzerland !

Neue Räume 07: Eternit

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