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Vielfach, Froelichstrasse

Yesterday i went to Zurich to visit the Design exposition “Blickfang” with some friends. Before though, we went to the Seefeld neighbourhood, and had a look at the smallest design shopping center, “Vielfach“. It is located in the Froehlichstrassse 41 and the shop really is small.


The interior is kept simple, all in white with two walls of showcases. The particularity is that each case is rented to independent designers and creators who wish to sell their (handmade) products and creations. All kinds of products can be found here, knitted and sewn items as well as painted or photographed mini-series, books in small editions, crazy, useful, beautiful …everything is possible.


Each case has its own lighting, and is filled up by the artist who rents it.
There are so many different types of articles, i have bought some small magnetique bookmarkers to give as a christmas gift, i’ve seen baby t-shirts with funny prints on them, lovely felt-bags, ceramics and hand-made jewellery.

The principle of the shop is explained by a very nice salesgirl, and though the shop itself is small, there is much to see and discover ! And if you can’t make it to the shop, they also offer the possiblility to buy on-line.

So, if you go to Zurich, have a stop in the Froehlichstrasse 41, it really is worth it !

VIELFACH Zürich – the smallest design shopping center

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