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This weekend, the weather suddenly cooled down a lot, it rained, it’s windy and unconfortable outside. Never mind, i’ve got some stuff done at home.

On my to-do-list for this weekend:

Switch out winter / summer clothes in my closet, do the laundry, iron the laundry, make some rhubarb-compott, bake a banana bread, finish reading the book, relax, upload photos to Flickr, file some papers.

Just need to do the ironing, and i’m done !

The banana bread turned out to be delicious ! Not too sweet, not too dry, perfect (ha, i’m proud of myself !).

About three weeks ago i finally decided to order a Kindle reading pad at Amazon. You know, i read quite a lot and buy a lot of books. But most of them ( the novels, thrillers, etc. ) i only read once and then the books become dust traps on my shelves. And they start to take up a lot of space. Usually i go through them regularely and pass them on to a co-worker who will read them and then pass them on to her sisters. That’s ok, at least i don’t have to throw them away, as it is difficult to resell german books when you live in a french-speaking area. So, now, with the Kindle, i can save a lot of space, i can take a lot of books on holidays without worrying about the weight of them. The display is very close to printed pages, and your eyes don’t get tired as they would usually when you’re a lot in front of a computer. I love it !

It has been, well, still is actually, a nice weekend. Got some stuff done, but without stressing.

How was your weekend ? What did you do ?

A weekend at home

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