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Back as promised. As i already mentioned, i’ve redone ( or to be more precise: had it redone ) my new flat in Berlin. I moved in a few months ago, so let’s have a look how the ugly duck became a beautiful swan.

I’ll start with…well, the entrance and hallway.



So, this is how it looked before everything started. Old carpet, wood painted in dark brown, curtains to hide off the entry door and the nook at the end of the hallway.


After the first week of works it looked like this. Carpet ripped out, walls repaired.


At the end of the month, new electricity lines had been put all over the apartment, and were grouped near the entrance to be connected to the new fuse box. Also, the ceiling was hung down to allow built-in spots.


Another week later everything looked already much cleaner. Outlets had been defined, the gap in the ceiling had been closed.


My new fuse box ( above ) with the old counter.


New hardwood floors, painted, spots…this is how it looked like a day before moving in.


My entrance as per today.

Fuse Box

I’ve covered the fuse box with a graphic i had on hand, there’s a hook/magnetic board which holds my bag, my keys and reminders for exhibitions.

Built-in closet

Where there once was this nook i had a custom-made closet built in. It’s in glossy white and holds all my boots in the bottom drawer, my coats and jackets, vacuum, ironing stuff in the middle section and stuff i don’t need all the time above.

Shoe storage

As i have lots of shoes i found these nice two cupboards at Ikea which are only 17 cm deep. I love their clean look and that they double as landing strip.

Deco detail

And here’s a decorating detail. An old phone from my little collection. I love how the hallway turned into a nice and clean space after the renovation.

What do you think of it ?

Berlin Flat: The Entrance and Hallway

One thought on “Berlin Flat: The Entrance and Hallway

  • January 24, 2013 at 19:44

    That’s quite a transformation! Love the closet and the slim landing zone (I still have to come up with a few “Stauraum” solutions of my own.

    Looking forward to the other rooms…


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