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It was my sister’s birthday this week and i offered her tickets for a show as a present. So last night i took my sister and her partner to see the MoZart Group at The Tipi am Kanzleramt.
As i am member of a theater community which offers a large variety of shows and events to see each month, i choose just by reading the description. And the Tipi am Kanzleramt was a location i haven’t been before. It’s a huge tent, where you are seated at little tables. We had ordered one of the arrangements, which included a glass of wine and oven cheese and arriving earlier we had time to eat before the show started. I was curious what it would be like as i’m normally not a fan of classical string quartetts.
But these guys were extraordinary!
It was a mix of classic and modern music, only played by string instruments ( two violins, a cello and a viola ), ranging from the Rolling Stones to Salsa, from Heavy Metal to The Beatles to Kalinka to Ravel’s Bolero and some Mozart of course. All of it performed with a lot of humour and creativity, and virtuousity. We enjoyed it a lot and had lots of fun.
They are from Poland and are now touring all over Europe.


If you have a chance to see them: GO !

Berlin Culture: MozArt Group at Tipi am Kanzleramt
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