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Yesterday my friend Ieva invited me to join her for the opening of a Pop Up Show at her friend’s showroom “Trofejas“.
The title of the show is “Soft Art Delicatessen zu Ostern” and features the installation “Das Festmahl” of the lithuanian collective of women artists “Baltos Kandys”.

2007_olandija_006_Festtafel_4 2007_olandija_002

From the press release we learn that (my translation) “the textile designers Auste Jurgelionyte, Karolina Kuncinaite, Migle Lebednykaite, Laura Pavilonyte, Rasa Leonaviciute and Julija Vosyliute form since 1998 a group of artists which actively participates at worldwide exhibitions and conferences in textile art.

The group’s name translates as “white moths” and symbolizes restlessness as well as their interest for wool, but not with the intention of destroying the material but to create something new.
So during the process of felting they create objects, reliefs and pictures, which are painted / colored once finished.

The installation features a wide choice of deli food and is supported by a videofilm by Tomas Andrijauskas, showing the artists themselves at a feast.”


All the food you see is made of felt. It looks so realistic that we were wondering about some cookies in the showroom if they were made of felt or if they were real. Absolutely amazing!
Baltos Kandys also makes necklaces and brooches of felt, in fact, the peas, carrots and eggs for example are also available as brooches.


Besides Baltos Kandys’ art the showroom Trofejas also sells baltic easter specialties during the Pop Up Show.
The Pop Up Show “Soft Art Delicatessen zu Ostern” at Showraum Trofejas is open from 4 to 8 pm on following days:
fri-sun march 8.-10., thu-sun march 14.-17. and thu-sun march 21.-24.
The adress is
Showraum Trofejas
Wielandstraße 31
10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg

For more information and the online shop have a look here:

And you’ll find here the website of Baltos Kandys:

All photos by Giedre Bartelt from Showraum Trofejas: Thank you so much!

Berlin Culture: Showraum Trofejas / Pop Up Show “Soft Art Delikatessen” by Baltos Kandys
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