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Hi there,

despite the ( awful ) return of winter i ventured myself out on sunday morning and drove to Potsdam where every three months takes place the “Stoffmarkt Holland“.

I’ve been there for the first time last june with friends and love it. Fabric sellers from Holland are touring regularly through Germany and sell their fabrics, sewing supplies and everything you need for sewing. There is even a booth selling machines! I didn’t take any pictures at the market, sorry for that, it was simply too cold ( and snowing, arghhh ).

It is usually very crowded and so it was on sunday. I had made a little list of what i was looking for: neon-colored fabrics to make pillow covers.

I haven’t been sewing for years now, but ordered a simple machine which i picked up from the post office today. I still have all the fabrics i bought at my previous visits, so the next days i’ll be busy sewing new covers for my balcony chair cushions and pillows in the living room. Yeah!

Of course, i’ll show the results later on.
New Sewing Machine

DIY: Stoffmarkt Holland in Potsdam
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