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Sehlendorfer Strand

After having to put my beloved little Miss Gelly to sleep, staying at home became almost impossible.
The empty home.
I’ve had cats for over 16 years ( Max left me last summer ), and the apartment suddenly felt grey, empty, cold.
I’ve had the feeling that she is still there, like she was walking on the hardwood floor, or still sleeping in her catbed.


So i was happy to escape this for a couple of days and headed off to Hamburg first and then continued to the baltic sea coast to visit a friend.
She and her daughter have a little dog and a cat, which both slept with me on the sofa. Made me happy.

Sehlendorfer Strand

We had quite some walks at the beach.
I hadn’t been to the beach for years, and was happy to feel the sand under my bare feet, walk into the very clear water, although it was too cold to have a swim.
To hear the seagulls. And the little waves. And feel the slight breeze.
Just what i needed.

Sehlendorfer Strand

We also went one night to the opening ceremony of the Kieler Woche, which is one of the biggest sailing events in Europe and at the same time kind of a huge party all over the city of Kiel with lots of free concerts. Unfortunately, it started to rain quite heavily during one concert.

Sehlendorfer Strand

It was a good weekend, must do this more often.
Just get away from it all, breathe, relax, watch the ocean, walk in the sand with bare feet.

Ostsee: A Well Needed Weekend Escape
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