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Germany expierenced some very hot days over the past weekend, like 33-36 °Celsius with a lot of sun. Being in the city, it was almost unbearable, especially during the nights, although i had the fan running.
All you can do is drink a lot and have some light food.
I had a big carafe of fresh mint tea refrigerated at all times.
And i cut fruit ( plums and melon ) which i kept in the fridge as well, for a refreshing little “in-between” snack.
Summer snacks
And for dinner i made a light meal of tomato-mozzarella-basilic with the first batch of ripe tomatoes from my balcony. I had also bought a big plant of basilic, so except the mozzarella, it was really “home-made”.
First tomatoes from the balconyTomato-Mozzarella
I did a lot of reading, too hot to move around. And enjoyed my balcony until late in the night with lit candles and lampions.
Summertime: Balcony

Food: Summertime snacks
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