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A couple of weeks ago i’ve spent ( again ) some days at my friend’s place at the baltic sea. When i arrived she asked if i wanted to try Stand Up Paddling (SUP) and of course i said yes. Because, even if i wouldn’t be able to stand up on the board it would be a lot of fun….falling off into the water.
So, one evening we went to the surf school and rented the boards and the paddles. The guy gave us a brief explanation what to do and off we went.
And it went well ! I was able to stand up on the board after a few seconds and started paddling. It was so much fun !
After i while i became very confident, was able to balance out the few waves caused by boats passing by. Maybe i became too confident, because that was the moment i fell off the board into the water.
I paddled quite a distance off the shore, was totally free of thoughts, it was kind of a meditation. And a lot of fun. And sportive, too. You actually work out a lot of different muscle groups.
I loved it so much that we returned the next day.
Now i’m looking forward to do some SUP here in Berlin, and maybe next year buy a inflatable SUP-board.

SUP – Stand Up Paddling
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