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It’s been quite spring-like weather wise here lately. So last sunday i finally took myself and my camera for a walk to Schlosspark Babelsberg. I’ve been there once before, but that was during a very hot summer, and for the only purpose to get refreshed by the little beach and water there.

The park was built for prince Wilhelm from 1833 on. For the garden architecture Peter Joseph Lenné was first in charge until Fürst Hermann von Pückler-Muskau took over. The castle was planned by Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

Most of the buildings are in pity condition, the castle is being restored currently, but money as well as a plan what to use it for is needed for the Marstall, which is where the horse stables were.

A little castle down by the water is now hosting a café.

I walked around the grounds for a good two hours, enjoying some sun, the views, the warm air. And the old buildings. Of course.

Through My Eyes: Schlosspark Babelsberg

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