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Yesterday evening i went to the vernissage of a new exhibition at Giedre Bartelt’s lovely showroom Trofejas. This time she presents Raili Keiv, a young estonian designer who works primarily with porcelain.

Raili Keiv, who was present, studied ceramics and product design at the Estonian Academy of Arts (2013 with the completion of MA)
and spent several sabbatical in Germany and Denmark.

Here is how she describes her work:
“The basic materials that I use are both substance as
well as inspiration in designing my objects . The perfection and the
possibilities of the material such as china has for many years been
my topic . I’m experimenting with the boundaries of porcelain as a material. However, I am
stuck to the more or less functional aspects of the objects , which are often
related to the topic of coffee in combination . For small vessels for espresso I look for moments of tension at the
boundary between stability and instability. At the same time , I combine
porcelain with concrete, which in its brutality and severity of a contrast to the
porcelain forms and thus emphasizes the fragility of the material.
My experiments with materials are inspired by historic interiors ,
that are found in modern cafes and bars of Tallinn in the 1950s. This
was a process of experimentation , characterized by combining
substances and the search for forms in ancient and modern history. My
work is a constant game with all these elements.

To select the title of the exhibition inspired me a song of
Group Sonic Youth NYC from the album Ghosts & Flowers.”

These small and fragile espresso cups and milk spenders where lovely, i love the sleek and pure lines of them, as well as the black velvet covers she used on some of them.

Also, these coffee pots with the mugs, combined with concrete…beautiful. Perfect size for an afternoon coffee.

Or these. Concrete combined with with vintage porcelain. Imagine the cup of tea and some cookies.

Perfect to serve some snacks.

Raili also made these cups / bowls, some with uni-colored others with florals inside. These bowls actually “bowled”, they are not standing flat. Beautiful, bt i cannot imagine having them at home with an hyperactive cat…

Giedre also presented other baltic goodies like chocolate from Chocolote Naive from Vilnius.

And coffee from Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories

There were also these lovely hand knitted wrist warmers. I love these, they are so beautiful and well made. The photo doesn’t do them justice.

The exhibition is open on friday and saturday from noon to 6 pm until march 15th.

Showraum Trofejas
Wielandstrasse 31
10629 Berlin

Visit the websites:


Berlin Culture: Showraum Trofejas / Small Flowers Crack Concrete by Raili Keiv

2 thoughts on “Berlin Culture: Showraum Trofejas / Small Flowers Crack Concrete by Raili Keiv

  • April 16, 2014 at 19:52

    Liebe Janine, herzlichen Dank für Deinen Kommentar zum Chia-Frühstück. Das dachte ich am Anfang auch immer *lach*, dass sich die Leute da verschrieben haben. Aber warum so viele. Wer denkt denn daran, dass es so etwas wie Chia geben könnte….?! Ich freu mich jedenfalls riesig, wenn es Dir geschmeckt hat. Hast Du auch die Nuss-Trockenobst-Mischung dazugetan? Ich finde, die macht den Unterschied aus. Ich bereite mir jetzt immer sonntags 4 Schalen vor (ich habe 4 gleiche Schalen) und dann kann ich mir morgens einfach eine Schale + 1 Maracuja greifen und zur U-Bahn hetzen.

    • April 18, 2014 at 19:23

      Liebe Angel, ich habe eine Balance-Fruit Mischung mit reingeschnippelt, werde aber die Nuss-Obst-Mischung beim nächsten Einkauf holen. Heute morgen habe ich mir frisches Obst dazu gemischt, mit etwas Vanillezucker und Zimt habe ich es auch schon probiert ( Zimt passt gut !). Bin sehr Fan geworden, zumal ja viele Vitamine und Nährstoffe in den Samen enthalten sind ( ich sag nur: Eisen ).
      Vielen Dank für den Tip !


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