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On forth of April Gierdre Bartelt opened another beautiful exhibition at her showroom, called “(Zu) Decken” and featuring three female artists from Lithuania, all from the art academy of Kaunas which features a special branch dedicated to textile art.

One of the artists was Lina Jonike, whose work is stunning and beautiful, combining a traditional technique of embroidery with contemporary technologies such as photography and video installations. Parts of her work titled ” She likes tomatoes” were displayed.
The cycle of a growing tomato is compared to human life: from seeds to sprouts and fruits that are finally plucked. The artist used photography to express the poetical comparison of nature and human life. Symbols of reproduction – a pregnant woman and a pot with a tomato sprout – contain the meaning of the greatest miracle.

Trofejas: Lina Jonike

Unfortunately, i encounter a problem to upload the photo of the whole artwork, but the photo on linen of the pregnant woman, with the tomato’s lifecycle pictured around her.
Some parts were embroidered to stand out of the otherwise sepia-colored work (detail shown above ).

The tomato theme is also found on woven table runners and and dish cloths.

Trofejas: Lina Jonike

Trofejas: Lina Jonike

Other works from her were this covered motorcycle photo, with an acrylic plate superposed to the photo. The acrylic plate was embroidered which gave the art a three-dimensional feeling.

Trofejas: Lina Jonike

From Lina’s work was also shown an installation showing the death towel of her late father, printed on handwoven sets, called “Hommage to the father”. The textures of the handwoven sets emphasized the print and made them also feel very dimensional.

Trofejas: Laima Orzekauskiene

Trofejas: Laima Orzekauskiene

Lina exposed also several tablecloths, embroidered with seeds. I’d love them on a summer outside dinner, on a big table on a field, gathering lots of friends and good food.

Trofejas: Lina Jonike

Another artist is Laima Oržekauskienė who studied at the State Art Institute (present VAA, Kaunas Art Institute), where she obtained the textile artist’s specialty. From 1987 she is a lecturer of VAA, Kaunas Art Institute, from 1996 – the head of the Textile Department, from 2007 she became a professor.
She also combines woven jacquards and prints to give the work its special texture.


The third artist of this exhibit is Monika Zaltauskaute-Grasiene, but i haven’t any pictures of her art. She also studied at the Kaunas Art Institute.

As usual, i went out of the showroom full of inspiration.

The exhibition can be viewed until tomorrow, april 19th at Showraum Trofejas, Wielandstraße 31 in Berlin -Charlottenburg.
Open from 12 to 6 pm.


Berlin Culture: Showraum Trofejas – (Zu) Decken – Textilkunst aus Litauen
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