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I always thought when i read “Chia” that people mixed it up and actually meant Chai. But no, Chia exists. It’s only when i read this article, that i realized what it was that so many blogs and articles were talking about.
The recipe sounded delicious and easy to do. So i gave it a try. And off i went to the Bio Company to buy Chia seeds. Then i bought soya milk, maracuja juice and dried fruits. And mixed it all , refrigerated it over night and had a yummy and healthy breakfast at work.
I tried some other variations, and must say these are now my favorites: Using vanilla flavored soya milk instead of the normal one and top it with fresh raspberries. That’s the weekend version. For the week i use the vanilla soya milk, a mix of dried fruits and nuts.

Here’s the weekend version:
Chia mit Himbeeren

Chia seeds are very healthy, read more about the benefits here.

Thanks to Angel of Berlin for sharing the recipe!

Food Love: Chia Seeds
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