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For those who followed this extraordinary story on the net, like i did for some years already, the John Maloof’s documentary about the life and story of Streetphotographer Vivian Maier is now screening in Berlin !
I have been hoping to see it for quite a while and discovered this week that some cinemas in Berlin are showing it right now. So i went yesterday evening to Cinéma Paris on Kurfürstendamm and watched it. I loved it though many facts where not unknown to me !
One of the photographers interviewed about her work said that she had the rare ability to enter the private sphere of total strangers and that is how she accomplished these very authentic photos. And that this was also due to the fact that she used a Rolleiflex where the viewfinder is from the top so that you don’t have to put the camera in front of your eyes to take a shot.
If you love photography and especially street photography this documentary is a MUST.

Berlin Culture: Finding Vivian Maier
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