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Years after

As my mother is not able anymore to live on her own, We are currently emptying out her apartment, where she used to live since 1986. This is what the all in my sister’s old room looks like, after all these years.

Since beginning of June we ( my sister, her partner and me ) have been sorting through the apartment every saturday. Which implied traveling early in the morning to Hamburg, then work the whole day there, and traveling back in the evening in order to have at least one day a week of relaxing at home. This saturday we have mainly finished the sorting and packing up. We are exhausted. Going through a whole life of stuff is physically and emotionally difficult, a lot of memories came up, stuff we had long forgotten about which were part of our daily lives during our childhood.
But now it is done, just need to transport the things we keep to Berlin and put them in storage.

Years after…

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