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It has been now been a little over two years since i moved into my apartment. And i think i never shared the “after” of the office/guestroom. As a reminder, here is what it looked before:
March 10th 2012: The office
March 10th 2012: the office
It has come a long way since then. Some phases i did not really take pictures of, but i purchased in the beginning three of these Muji-tables because i love their clean and simple look. One was sold in the meantime ( the size was smaller than the two i kept ). There have been some Expedits, also sold meanwhile.
Today my office features a large working space ( 120 x 120 cm ) by putting both tables together into a square. It is nice as i have enough space to do crafts like sewing on one side and computer / admin-related stuff on the other. The sewing side still needs a stool, which i still need to purchase though.
In exchange of the Expedit unit i had before, i “hacked” some IKEA kitchen wallcabinets into a sideboard ( approx. 40 cm deep ), using two 60 cm units and a 40 cm unit and some chrome feet. On top i will put a wooden board eventually to cover the visible screws.
As my bedroom this room also has a convenient nook which houses a sofa which can be transformed to a guest bed for two. When no guests are there, it doesn’t take too much room as it fits perfectly into the nook.
Guestbed / Library corner
When i moved from Switzerland to Berlin i donated a lot of my books, those you know you only read once. Part of the books i kept are now on wall mounted shelves above the sofa.
In my office i also feature some of my vintage items such as the JVC TV from the early seventies, old telephones, Grandpa’s typewriter and his old desk lamp.
Grandpa's typewriter
View from my desk

And i like to surround my self with wise quotes and inspirational song texts which i fix on the wall below the window with washi tape.
View from desk

How do you like it ?

Berlin Flat: Office / Guest Room
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