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Hi there,
it has been (again ) very silent over here. I just realized that my last post was from september 2014!
The last year was busy in a good way, lots of work, many social events, going out with friends, enjoying life.
Last year i also started my journey to live more conscious and healthier. Deeply inspired by Karine from Bodie and Fou.
So i started in january to drink first thing in the morning a glass of lukewarm water with a freshly squeezed lemon. And i got more serious about working out more frequently. And having a green smoothie every day.
It went fine until early march when i had an emergency surgery. My appendix was removed. After that i didn’t feel like doing any sport for about 6 weeks, but i got on the wagon again. Kind of. Not so regularly as before, but i took my bike to go to work every day, did some SUP during summer, some running…I spent some vacation days with my cousin who challenged me to participate at a 10K run in summer 2016. I accepted. It is always good and motivating to a goal!
Fast forward to october when i subscribed to a membership at a gym nearby as the gym at work is small and the only treadmill was mostly occupied.
Since then i have been working out twice a week. And i did my first run on january 1st (yes!!). It was a casual run of 4K, with about 3000 participants. All ages, from babies in strollers to seniors. I did it ! And felt so proud that i managed it in a, for me, quite good time.
I continue to work out twice a week and am gradually running longer distances. Recently i hit the 5K mark.
For more motivation i am subscribed for two runs this summer. The first one will be 5K, the second will be 8K.

I also continue to switch my eating habits, less sugar and more healthy (vegan and vegetarian ) food. I’ve never been a big meat-eater, so this suits me quite well.
So in the future, i guess the focus of my little blog might change a little, evolving more to posts about healthy living and eating and well-being.
Stay tuned !

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