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As i already said in my last post, i was busy last year. But that didn’t stop me to change the decoration in my apartment.
I was longing for a cozy addition in my living room, something like…a fireplace! In my house we are not allowed to install real fireplaces so the only option was a faux-mantle. After some measuring and research on the internet i ordered one and am more than happy with the look.
To create a cozy ambiance in the evening i have placed many candles inside. I love it !
I received it shortly before the X-mas holidays, so here it is in it’s Year-End glory:
Faux mantle Faux mantle goes x-mas

And here it is decorated adequately for spring…
My quiet place Faux mantle in spring mood

You can find many different types of faux mantles on the internet, in different colors, heights, widths…an easy ( and removable ) change for an apartment or house. I have fixed mine against the wall, because you know…cats! You never know what they might be up to.
The only thing still missing is a nice rug ( or faux fur ) in front of it, but as i always have a hard time finding something nice ( and affordable ) this will be added later on.

How do you like it? Have you been dreaming about a fireplace, too ?

Berlin Flat: Decoration News !
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