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So, finally my resume on my “coup de coeur”, seen at My Playground in Vevey at the end of may.

Fréderique Morrel is a Paris-based designer. She revalues popular needlework tapestries, recuperated from thrift stores, basements, attics of friends and family,and transforms them into unique, one-of-a-kind objects, such as cushions, small stools, lunchboxes or place mats. Whatever has not been re-used in a bigger object ( footstool, poufs ) will be used for creating a smaller one, so nothing is wasted or unused.

It’s the “renaissance” of memories, of an almost forgotten idea of time where decoration was created by hand in a slow and concentrated manner. Each piece is unique, and bears a “re-birth-certificate” and is guaranteed “re-made in france”.

Her objects can be found on an international level, allover Europe, as well as in Japan, Russia, Usa, where she is also featured at the MoMa.

Her atelier is in Paris, at rue Chabrol 50, and she can be contacted for further information at fmorrel at club-internet.fr

Enjoy the slide-show of her products, i really love this unique and original way to keep alive ancient handcrafted tapestries !

Or, see all photos at once, all courtesy of F. Morrel.

My Playground: Fréderique Morrel

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