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Inspired by Martha StewartKitchen: Inspired by Martha Stewart

One of my DIY-projects was to frame my childhood cuttlery into shadowboxes. I saw this idea of displaying unused kitchen items in the May 2007 issue of Martha Stewart’s “Living” magazine, and thought it was a great idea !
So, off i went to IKEA to buy two RIBBA shadow boxes, i also bought some Velcro, the giftpaper i already had at home ( bought last year at Die Wäscherei in Hamburg ).

I first glued the giftpaper on a piece of paper and disposed it at the rear of the frame, then displayed the cuttlery, which i fixed with small velcro-straps onto it. Closed the frame, and hang it up, that’s it !
It was done in less than 30 minutes and looks wonderful above my dining area in the kitchen.

Framed Cuttlery, inspired by Martha Stewart’s "Living"

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