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just some facts about me and this blog:

– i’m a young woman, born in germany
– i love photography, architecture, design-related stuff, travels, silent halls
– in 2011, after 19 years living in Switzerland, i moved to the vibrant city that is Berlin
– i love decorating my apartment
– i live with a cat called Coco ( Mademoiselle )
– my head is always full of ideas but unfortunately i often lack time to make them become reality
– i love being creative
– i love summer

Why “36 metres-carres” ?

This blog was created in 2006 when i was 36 years young. And i wanted the blogname to be related to architecture, interiors, etc. That’s where the “metres-carres” came in. In short: 36m2. Makes sense, no ?!

Over the years, the content of this blog changed a little, i also started publishing other photos of mine, from places i’ve been, places i liked.

And it will become a place for my photos, things that inspire me, snippets about my life, recommandations for restaurants, exhibitions, places to visit etc.

I hope you’ll like it. Maybe it’ll inspire you,too ?

Feel free to comment, but don’t be mean.

If not otherwise stated, the photos are mine. Don’t steel them. If You’d like to use them, send me an email.

Thanks !




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