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A list of things i’d like to do, destinations i’d like to travel to and other things to do in a lifetime:
watch an icehockey done; 05.01.2010 Genève Servette – Fribourg Gottéron au Stade des Vernets, score 1:0 pour Genève
visit the bears in Bern  done; 27.12.2009
– play bingo / loto
– visit the Matterhorn
– do bob-sleigh (as a passanger…)
visit the chocolate factory Cailler in Broc done; 30.05.2010
– play the “corne des alpes”


– Rome
– Florence
– Venice
– Budapest
– Prague
– Stockholm
– Copenhague
– New York
– Brussels
– Barcelona
– Patagonia
– Mongolia
– Iceland
– Route 66

– Cornwall

Things i want to do:
– stay a couple of days in a luxury hotel and have spa/wellness treatments and nothing to care for…
– take a cooking class ( indonesische Reistafel , f.e.)
remodel my bathroom  actually sold my swiss apartment and remodeled the new apartment in Berlin completely
expose my photos done; first exhibition at the CIRES, Vevey from june 5th 2010 on
– be able to converse in hebrew
– take a sabbatical
– learn to dance Tango in Buenos Aires
moto-neige in Québec
a flight in a helicopter
pilote an airplane (long time ago, a small Cesna in 1987(?))

– win a huge amount in a lotery
– stop working as an employee

– have my own gallery

– finally find my soulmate

To be continued…

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